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If you’re anything like me, you blinked and suddenly it’s February. Wait, when did that happen?! What do you mean Valentine’s Day? But I only just pulled down my Christmas tree. Can those premature Hot Cross Buns that are already in the shops pass as an acceptable gift?

It’s not that we’re unorganised or time poor, it's just that we're almost in the middle of February - who does 2018 think it is?! Between work, a household to manage and raising our babes. Chuck in the other half who needs constant direction and supervision, and we should have all the time in the world to browse shopping centres, read catalogues, scroll those annoying-but-sometimes-useful sale emails that clog up our inbox... And this, is absolutely, 100% NOT the reason why you are reading this Gift Guide less than a week out from V Day. I totally had this ready weeks ago! *cough cough*

Ah, who am I kidding?! Let’s be honest, time is something most of us don’t have a lot of. And unless your other half has specifically mentioned what they would like for Valentine’s Day, we’re reaching for the essentials; the gifts you can grab in a quick, late night trip to Kmart - No? Just me?

This year, we’ve rounded up the best of the best very-last-minute gift ideas. A combination of practical and “just because it made me think of you” gifts, perfect for your lover, your Galentine (that’s your Gal Pal, get it?!) or just for yourself because, you know, if you want something done right...

We’ve even broken it up into categories! Yes, I know and you’re welcome. By the time you read this, it’s probably been a long week and we don’t want you wasting valuable brain power figuring out who to buy what for. Those brain cells are better spent on deciding whether you’ll relax tonight with the Red or the White? One glass or two? (Hint: Two. The answer is always two).

HIM   |   HER   |   YOU   |   FOODIE   |   MUM-TO-BE   |   DECORATOR   |   GAL PAL   |   HARD-TO-BUY FOR

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Through years of experience, Hunter Lab has created a methodical and practically effortless skincare routine that utilises highly effective and natural skincare tools. They said ‘no’ to chemical bases and repackaged feminine products, and built a brand which has reinvigorated the marketplace. Hunter Lab have provided skincare solutions which set the benchmark for men who are dedicated to healthy living. It is a range of thoughtfully crafted products that cater specifically for him; his unique skincare needs, his hectic lifestyle and add simplicity to his everyday.

Our Pick: The Complete Armoury; $179.00. The ultimate super gift pack for the ultimate super man.

Based on two well established truths in life: that drinking beer is fun and receiving presents is also fun, Manflower Co makes celebrating everyday occasions a piece of cake. They’re not your average “florist”, delivering a four pack of local craft brews straight to his door. You don’t have to worry about the size, colour or fit because beer is truly ‘one size fits all’. A playful take on bouquets for men, each month Manflower Co partner with a local Melbourne brewery and share their beer with you. Easy. Because men like gifts too (just not flowers).

Our Pick: MFC x Swoosh Trunks; $99.00. Because beer is like cupids arrow but way more effective!

Boutique brand, Captain Jack Beard Co., have created a unique blend of beard oils, carefully formulated to help the bearded man in your life achieve soft and healthy facial hair (win-win, right?!). Light and fast absorbing, these oils are perfect for daily use, with an inbuilt "dripolator" to make dispensing easy and spillage almost non-existent. No beards in your home? That’s ok. Although beard oils are for just that – beards – Captain Jack’s blends are also perfect to use as a pre shaving or facial oil.

Our Pick: Beard Oil & Wash Gift Pack; $49.95. It covers all grooming bases.

Taking their cue from luxury brands, Journey’s collection of bespoke travel pieces aim to bring affordable luxury travel goods to everyone. Designed for the fashion-forward jetsetter, they make the perfect gift for a loved one who’s after a travel accessory that’s as stylish and sophisticated as they are. So whether it's a romantic weekend away, a much-needed vay-cay or stay-cay or just an overnight work trip, Journey is the answer. Because we all deserve to feel like an A-lister, even if it’s just for a weekend!

Our Pick: Garment Bag; $179.00. Designed for the man with a travel plan.

With a background in hairdressing and passion for all things natural, it wasn't until Lucy become a mama that her eyes were opened to the scary world of cosmetics. Trying to find products that could be shared throughout the household; something gentle enough for the babes but still able to provide the results desired as an adult proved to be an impossible task. Locks by Lucy has created a hair care range that is completely toxin free, whilst delivering the same results as seen with other high quality products. Formulated to be enjoyed by every member of the family, safe and nourishing for the littlest of locks through to the longest.

Our Pick: Duo Pack #2 - Scalp Exfoliant & Eco-Luxe Moisture Mask; $59.00. The ultimate pair when it comes to natural hair care.

Established by Natalie Tink (you may recognise her as the gorgeous face behind Mrs Tink Blog), Miss Monogram is a love letter to Nat’s true passion; fashion. Specialising in monogrammed leather bags and accessories for your every day or special events, these colourful and stylish pieces are as fab as they are practical! From clutches to pouches and ladies fashion handbags. For birthdays and race days, to engagements or bridal parties, business travel or corporate gifting. Miss Monogram has such an extensive selection of styles and colours to choose from, you are sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Our Pick: Miss London Pouch – Nude; $79.95. Timeless style made just for you.

From bulky biker skulls to dainty keepsake heart rings, Baby Anything is designed and handmade by the beautiful (and fellow Central Coast gal), Lucie Ferguson. Lucie’s pieces have been seen on the likes of Gigi Hadid, sister Elle Ferguson, Kim Kardashian West and Miley Cyrus. Baby Anything takes you back to a time when jewellery was given to celebrate landmark events and passed down through families. With a heavy emphasis on the power of jewellery in creating meaning and history, it is Lucie’s intention to have her pieces become her customers heirlooms. And for those of you looking to pop the question, Baby Anything’s Ceremonial Collection is a breath of fresh air!

Our Pick: Lady Capulet Ring; from $530.00. A whimsical and feminine collection of diamonds.

In the era of weddings, babies and all other robe-worthy times of life, Posy has come to the rescue! Good quality, the right cut and beautiful prints means you do not have to compromise when it comes to choosing the perfect robe. With the sole purpose to make you feel beautiful, their products are super soft, lightweight and the perfect drape to make you look and feel your best. True to their name-sake, Posy possesses an unwavering devotion to all things floral. With a special focus on weddings, a Posy robe is something you will enjoy wearing time and time again, for many years to come.

Our Pick: Lila Robe; $65.00. One of the best gifts to give yourself or a loved one.
Pronounced “Kay-Sha”, is all about wearing what you want, when you want and with confidence. Created by media personality and self-proclaimed legend, Sophie Cachia and business partner – fashion industry alum, Leah Betts - it’s an idea that’s taken three years to develop. Cachia stems from Sophie’s mix ’n’ match bold fashion choices, as well as it being the epitome of her chaotic lifestyle. It is the result of years in the spotlight, getting to know and understand her audience and what it is that they want. Each carefully curated piece, invites you further into the life (and wardrobe) of Sophie, husband Jarryd and their babes, Bobby and Floss.

Our Pick: The Black Drape Pant; $59.00. Quite literally the pants you’ll never want to take off!

An all inclusive community, where natural (yet delightful!) beauty, skincare and lifestyle products, along with meaningful information, can be found in the one place. Obsessed with all things natural yet luxurious, founders Celeste, Sarah and Catherine, are passionate about natural products that look beautiful in your home, embrace the slow living lifestyle and look for quality over quantity. From candles to makeup, cleaning products to insect repellent, baby products to organic tea. If you love it and want it, Natural Supply Co have a natural version for you to feel good about.

Our Pick: Tribe Skincare “Hydrate Me!” Moisturiser; $48.00. Make Aloe Vera your best friend.

We often forget how important we are. We’re the nurturers, the carers, the givers, often forgetting to do the same for ourselves. When ‘busy’ is the norm and we’re rushed off our feet, we forget that when we slow down and look after ourselves, everything and everyone else in our lives benefit too. We’re nicer, more patient, more appreciative, more caring. Retreat Yourself is designed to do just that - to help you relax, refresh and renew. Delivered seasonally, each box contains up to $200 worth of sample AND full sized natural Australian health, wellness and beauty products to inspire you to live well and encourage you to slow down. Because self-care shouldn’t be a luxury or seen as selfish. It’s a necessity and it’s something that should be practiced every single day.

Our Pick: Empowering Quote Cards; $24.95. Quotes to remind you that you are unique, you are beautiful, you are you.
Launched in 2016, Mr Bean Cold Brew is the brainchild of good friends, Jack and Polly. What started as a passion project at the weekend markets, has rapidly grown into a full time job. Their freshly ground, special blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, brewed in filtered cold water, is now available at selected stockists along the East Coast. With free shipping Australia wide and recipe suggestions to make your mouth water, Mr Bean Cold Brew will see you through from breakfast to dessert, and the cocktails in between.

Our Pick: Espresso Martini Kit; $99.00. Everything you'll need for a great night in.

To say that the award-winning family behind ShortHive, love honey would be an understatement; They have lived and breathed this gold liquid for over 45 years! This delicious, raw Australia honey is like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. With three incredible flavour infusions – Salted, Espresso and Chilli – ShortHive has managed to make honey the perfect accompaniment to any meal. The best part? Buy three or more products and Australia wide shipping is only $5!

Our Pick: The Short Pack; $27.50. For when you can’t decide and want to try them all.

Hand-made using the finest organic teas, fruits and herbs from across the world, The Rabbit Hole’s premium, loose leaf tea elevates your everyday tea experience from mundane to magical! In 2010, passionate tea lovers Amara Jarratt and Corinne Smith saw a need for tea drinkers to have access to the same quality, innovation and extraordinary offerings previously only seen in the domain of coffee, wine and chocolate. With that, The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea and Bar was born.

Our Pick: The Tea Sampler; $49.00. Featuring 24 of their best selling flavours, you can’t go wrong.

When you think of Frank Green you think ‘Stylish Innovation’. Products that are not only functional, but great for our environment. The kind of coffee cups and bottles you want to be seen with. An interplay of bold colours, tonal hues and soft pastels, they are ideal for the minimalist, the maximalist or the “in-betweenalist”. Made of premium materials and integrating one-of-a-kind technology, they hold their own identity, whilst seamlessly working with yours.

Our Pick: The Originals 12oz + 25oz Gift Box; $79.95. One for their coffee and one for yo… I mean, their water. Yes, their water. Definitely not one for you.


Mum jeans may be in (you know, those super-comfy maternity jeans perfect to wear to All-You-Can-Eat dinner dates, pregnant or not?!), but mum bags are definitely out. Becoming a mum is a time of tremendous transition. So many changes, both physically and mentally. But thanks to Sage&Luna, at least your style doesn’t have to! They are dedicated to producing beautiful and practical baby bags, for those who refuse to lose their flair as they enter Motherhood; a place of greasy hair and spew stained clothes. But damn girl, at least your bag will look good!

Our Pick: Leda; $385.00. This bag can survive your children AND your partner!

A stylish range of teething, jewellery and accessories, designed with only mumma and baby in mind, that won’t have you clenching your own teeth or sacrificing your style. With quality at the forefront (and a number of broken necklaces later, thanks to tiny, inquisitive hands), mum of two Bronwyn, saw a gap by way of the current silicone jewellery offerings and put her vision into action, producing on trend, soft coloured designs. Indera Beads is jewellery for the modern day mother, all handmade on site with the upmost care and independently lab tested to ensure every product is secure and safe. Their breakaway clasps are game changing! When it comes to teething babes and fashionable mums, Indera Beads is your absolute go-to!

Our Pick: Aloha Silicone and Gold Necklace; $35.95. You’ll be the talk of Mother’s Group, for all the right reasons!

Every woman’s pregnancy and journey to motherhood is unique, which is why each Silver Stork care package is specially curated and tailored to each individual. Filled with a mix of up-and-coming boutique breakthroughs, stylish and designer items and long standing trusted brands in one beautiful package, that are suitable for during and post pregnancy. Founder Caz, strives to break the mould of generic mum and baby stuff, seeking out meaningful gifts that are as special as the person receiving them. No more wasting hours of precious time and money shopping around and sorting through endless advice and information when Silver Stork deliver everything you’ll need.

Our Pick: Mum-to-Be Subscription Box; from $180. Includes free delivery, direct to your door.
How could we do a gift guide and not include ourselves? That would just be rude! Middletree combines a love of quality candles with a passion for design and decor. It’s a little slice of luxury for those juggling the never-ending ‘to-do’s’ of life. A Middletree candle is a snippet of “me time” in your otherwise demanding day; that experience in a jar you immediately want to share with others. With ten scents in a variety of vessel designs to suit every home and taste, Middletree is inspired by simplicity. They aim to create a stylish and unique range of home fragrance products that not only compliment changing decor trends, but add a touch of indulgence to your every day.

Our Pick: ‘I’d Choose You’, White | 40hr burn; $24.95. Because lighting a fire helps keep that fire burning.

No fonts. Just ink, brush and a love for hand lettering is exactly what you get when you order a Louie Luxe artwork. Designer, mother and life lover, Jesse, founded her ‘labour of love’ when she set out on a mission to inspire celebration of life, love, happiness, hope and growth. Louie Luxe’s range of ready-made or customised prints are designed to capture the heartfelt beauty of special moments, no matter how big or small. The perfect gift (for a friend, family member, spouse or hey, even yourself) to help express the magic, light and love you feel. They say a picture can say a thousand words and Jesse’s dreamy hand lettered strokes will say all that and more.

Our Pick: The ‘Darling’ Edit; from $39.95. Capture emotion and meaning in a physical form to be lovingly displayed in your home.

It began as a search for the perfect sheets! Like most of us, Kamila Scholz didn’t have the time to decipher labels to tell good quality from not-so-good quality. With only price as your guide, updating your bed linen left your bank account empty. So, The Good Sheet was born. With a focus on simple, durable bedding basics, they believe in buying less, but buying better. With a minimalist aesthetic, their range transcends trends and fits comfortably in any home. Since we spend a third of our lives in bed, it’s important that it’s as comfortable as possible - just in case you needed another reason to stay in on Valentine’s Day. Our favourite part? The Good Sheet’s ‘Short Side’ and ‘Long Side’ tags. Hallelujah!

Our Pick: Percale Sheet Set; from $109.00. Because a good life starts with getting great sleep.
Butt Naked’s 100% natural skinfood range was designed under the belief that all babes are born naturally awesome! Inspired by nature, keeping it simple and using only the bare essentials, Butt Naked is 100% Australian owned and made, with the most deluxe products for all those hard working Goddesses who are just smashing through life, one day at a time. With 5% of all sale proceeds going to Melbourne's Save A Dog Scheme, their body scrubs and bath soaks are not only good for your skin but also give you all the feels.

Our Pick: The Goddess; $35.95. Because less is more.

Perfect for the Gal who likes to be organised (or who needs a little more help in that department!) or the #bossbabe who’s following her dream. More than just a stationery brand, MiGoals is on a mission to help unlock the potential within, thanks to their empowering products. A community of dream chasers and action takers, MiGoals started with an idea - to design a simple product to help people take their goals from dream to action. Each product has been purposefully designed from years of research into goal setting, plus their own personal experiences. Basically, they make products that they would want to use themselves.

Our Pick: 2018 Goal Digger Planner; $44.95. Dream. Plan. Get Shit Done!

Australian resort wear label Iland Co. is all about comfortable but feminine clothes that don’t require having to think too much about pulling an outfit together. The effortless ease that travel wear offers and bringing it to everyday life. It is about the never-ending vacation; unique, handmade, clothing, swimwear and accessories. Iland Co. is for the lady loves of your life who are feminine with a rebel heart and a little bit of edginess, thrown in for good measure.

Our Pick: Soft Pink Leopard Print Chiffon Kimono; from $89.00. We all deserve to get a little wild!
And finally, if your Valentine is anything like me - hard work and terribly indecisive, has trouble expressing what they want but really you should have taken Mind Reading 101 at Uni - then Thankly is for you! This Australian startup is all about showing appreciation to the people you care about  - no matter what the occasion. A gift giving service that showcases some of the best and unique, Australian made products that anyone would love to receive. Thankly make gift giving easy - choose a gift, choose your card and write your message - they take care of the rest. Each gift comes with a handwritten card and beautifully gift boxed for delivery either same day to Sydney metro or overnight nation wide.

And that’s Valentine’s, done and dusted - enjoy!

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