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It's a new year and for most of us, that means setting our goals and intentions for the next 12 months. But if you're anything like me, that means you're more than likely resetting the goals you didn't achieve last year. Or the year before that. Basically you've been setting the same, stock standard goals for yourself since 2010 because, consistent. You know the ones I'm talking about - lose weight, eat healthy, more gym and less coffee. Less wine. To be happy. I'm basically Bridget Jones, Spanx and all! #that3kidlife

You see, the problem with these types of goals is that they are vague, completely immeasurable and don't always truly resonate with your life's current 'why'. These types of goals are the goals that are certain to set you up for failure (Say that five times fast! Still following?). How can you achieve success when your idea of 'healthy' is based on someone else's? What even is 'happy' to you? I tell you what it's not - it's certainly not a life void of coffee or wine, thats for sure!

For me and so many others - pretty much the whole of Instagram, #newyearnewme - it's easier to set the same ambiguous goals year in and year out, then it is to actually take the time to delve into what I really want to achieve. They are goals I think I should be setting, rather than goals that I actually want to set, and this time around, I'm taking a stand. I've called in a professional to help me - and you - say "bye, bye, bye" to the goals that last til the middle of January, and even that's being optimistic! Next minute, you're four bottles of Prosecco down, stuffing your face with a cheeseburger at 2am, and chanting "Fries before Guys" with your bestie in tow. I get it, no judgement here. We've all been there, girlfriend - Hell. That's pretty much how I spent most of my twenties.


This is Adam Jelic, the founder of MiGOALS. Adam creates awesome stationery products that empower people to set their goals and help create a plan to achieve them. Ever seen the 'Get Shit Done' notebooks? Yea, that's Adam and he's kind of a big deal. A total expert in the goal setting arena and all round legend when it comes to sharing his knowledge and expertise on setting and getting your goals. Here are his Top 5 Tips to making 2019 your most successful goal setting year yet!


Simple, right? By doing this, you automatically increase the odds of achieving your goal. A quick tip to find out if the goal is something you really want to achieve is to ask yourself, 'Why do I want to achieve this?'. You'll dig deeper and really get to the true crux of why you're doing what you are doing. 


The average adult has around 50,000 thoughts a day. The whole point of goal setting is to help you gain clarity, focus and direction, which goes out the window when there is too much going on in your head. The power of writing your goals down on paper is that it forces you to focus your attention on what’s


The journey towards achieving your goals is always going to be challenging. Doing it on your own and maintaining that self-belief can be tough at times, so that’s why it's important to have help along the way. When you share your goals with some one else, it makes you both accountable and gives you an avenue for support. 


Now that you know what your goal is and how you're going to achieve it, the next and most important part of making it happen is by taking action - consistently. For most people, they set their goals, get super excited and take massive action in the beginning, but then an obstacle pops up and they give up or fall back to taking minimal to no action at all. The trick is to get into the habit of taking consistent action day in day out.


Goal setting should be fun and something to get excited about. We are often too hard on ourselves in the process, that we forget to celebrate the progress we've made. So remember to acknowledge big and small wins along the way – life is short and it's always much sweeter when you celebrate the journey.

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MiGOALS is a Melbourne based brand who produces beautifully designed stationery that empowers people to set goals and create a plan to achieve them. Their products provide structure and support for writing goals including constant reminders that small actions lead to big results. To help their community execute these plans, their product suite also includes notebooks, desk planners and journals, to set them on a path of task tracking, reflection and gratitude.

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  • Laura on

    Loved this. Absolutely one of your top blogs so far! I was taking notes 😂

  • Emma on

    Ahhh so much truth! Geez you write so blooming well Jemma! Easy to read and bang on point! Thanks for the tips xx

  • Adrianna on

    You’ve done it again Jemma. Another exceptionally written piece, well done. Glad I’m not the only one setting those same mundane goals year in year out. I’m going to check out Mi Goals and make 2019 a better year where I actually achieve my small reasonable goals. Thanks for the inspo x

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