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Is there anything sexier than a dad being a dad?!

There's just something about a man in a baby carrier that makes the ladies swoon. Really, it’s not our fault. We are, by definition, genetically programmed to go ga-ga for Da-da's!

While it's part altruism and part how a newborn looks in a man's arms, research has shown that women find dads to be more attractive than their childless counterparts. This correlates with a higher level of testosterone in the males, confirming the long held biological belief that women seek out a mate based on their ability to nurture and protect.

So, in honour of Father’s Day, we thought we’d take a little peek behind the curtain of some of our most loved Instagram accounts (plus a few Hollywood heartthrobs for good measure!) and share with you some of our favourite Dads of Instagram. WARNING - they'll have your ovaries screaming for mercy!


While it's inspiring to watch Georg - biz mum to 2.5 babies and FIFO wife - it's Mr Winnie Dot, Dan's devotion to his family, that has all the mama's just as excited to see him when he flies home.

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Watching Jarrad and Michael raise their gorgeous son, Reid, constantly gives us all the heart eyes!


We love Sophie's honest tales of motherhood almost as much as we love watching hubby, Jaryd sing 'Baby Shark' in his undies.

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Oh look! It's Chris Hemsworth and his biceps being all dad like. Enough said.


Brad regularly has us (and thousands of others!) cheering him on regarding his views on the man's role in the modern day relationship. Preach!

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Another biz mum living the FIFO life and baking babies. Watching how much hubby Ben adores his growing family has us "aww-ing" out loud more than we are comfortable admitting!


Seeing the love and adoration Mel has for Nolan, her husband and father of 4, has made us fall in love with him as well.

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Action hero and devoted dad, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, sent ovaries into overdrive when he shared this sweet snap of him doting on his wife while she nursed their daughter. *swoon*

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Tahlia and James have the sweetest little family, sharing their lives and love via some of the most beautifully curated squares on Instagram.


Laura shares her story of love and loss so beautifully, crediting a lot of her strength to her husband James. We know we weren't the only ones who shed a tear (ok fine, I ugly cried like Kimmy K!) when he became a father again earlier this year.

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Not only is Ryan a total feast for the eyes, his parenting anecdotes will have you in stitches!

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